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IH Vancouver

IH Vancouver offers the highest quality language programs to students from around the world.  Experienced instructors, friendly staff, a wide variety of courses and an active social program make IH Vancouver the ideal place to study. Come and experience Vancouver.

IH Vancouver is accredited by Languages Canada.

IH North America
Study in different cities with one registration fee. IH has several North American  locations. IH Vancouver, IH Whistler, and IH San Diego are operated by the Net-Pacific Group of Schools.


Mission Statement
IH Vancouver provides high-quality, innovative language programs with an aim to improve the standard of language training in Canada. We achieve this with a student-centered approach to learning and with teachers who are well-trained, experienced and motivated.


Value Statement
We conduct ourselves ethically and with integrity. We respect individualism, cultural values and the personal growth of students and staff alike. We value harmony and cooperation while supporting each other’s creative energies and talents.


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