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By using a communicative, student-centered approach, IH San Diego provides its students with a stimulating classroom environment. General English classes focus on integrating the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing with pronunciation, grammar and lexical components. The overall emphasis is on building confidence and improving fluency.


Maximum number of students per class: 15
Offered year-round
Minimum age for adult programs: 16


• Semi-Intensive 15 lessons/clock hours per week

The Semi-Intensive Program allows students to take Core classes in the morning. 
Periods B , C & D
• Intensive 20 lessons/clock hours per week
The Intensive Program is the most popular program at IH San Diego as it allows students to take both Core and Communication Skills classes in the morning. 
Periods A, B, C & D
• Intensive Plus 30 lessons/clock hours per week
(Only offered to U.S. residents or individuals on non-immigrant visas that allow full-time study)
Students enrolled in this program may take a combination of Communication Skills, Core & Elective classes.
Periods A, B, C, D, E & F