Homestay or Student Residence

Homestay Student Residence
(18+ years)
~40-50 minutes via bus/trolley Travel time to school ~15 minutes on foot
Single room (single bed)
Room type Single room (single bed), Private / Shared Rooms
※ with bathroom
2x meals* (breakfast & dinner) Meal Self-preparation
Those who are new to the study abroad experience and prefer to live in a familial environment with native English speakers. Recommended for Independent students who can cook for themselves and those interested in being more social and making international friends.
  • *Note: Junior program fees include 3x meals per day.


Choosing the homestay option ensures students continue to practice English outside of the classroom with their host family, thus improving everyday conversation. This is also a great way to experience your unique family’s culture and customs.

Ideal for:

  • students studying English abroad for the first time
  • students wanting to immerse themselves in the American lifestyle
  • students seeking more of ”home-style” or ”familial” environment
  • students wishing to optimize their English practice, particularly during short-term stays

Basic Information

Age 13+ years
Room type Private Single Room
Meals 2x meals/ day*
Price $310 / week
Travel time to school 40-50 minutes
  • *Note: Junior program fees include 3x meals per day.



Homestay - Neighborhood locations across San Diego

Travel with ease to school using San Diego’s public transportation system, including buses and trolleys (trains).
Sometimes host family transfer student to the closest transit or bus station. Even it is safe area, please do not go back home late when it will be getting dark.

Enhance your cross-culture experience by living with an American family.

Each host family offers a unique experience, from the food prepared to activities you engage in together. One night you might enjoy a stereotypical American meal consisting of grilled hamburgers; yet, on another delight in tacos or enchiladas inspired by San Diego’s neighbors in Mexico. Your host families will also be pleased to learn what you have to share from your country. Spending time with your host family will not only build your confidence in English conversation, but will also cultivate meaningful relationships and memories to last a lifetime.

Host Family

"We enjoy helping our students learn English and experience new foods. We like to treat them to favorite American foods as well. We think it is the best way to learn our culture and enjoy what it means to be an American."

Rich & Dianne Tylski
Warm, caring and experienced family who has hosted 10+ IH San Diego students.

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Student Residences

There are three student suite-style residences to choose from:

  • State Street
  • Gaslamp
  • Hillcrest


  • Independent-style living arrangements
  • Open and welcoming atmosphere
  • International student community

Basic Information

Age 18+ years
Room type Private / Shared Rooms
Meals Self-catering
Travel time to school 10~30 minutes



Ideal Locations

There are three student dormitories conveniently located within walking distance to transportation, markets, convenience stores, and restaurants.

International Community

Most of the students who live in student residences are from overseas. Shared spaces, such as the kitchen and lounge, are the best places to make new friends.

3 Location Options

927 6th Ave
San Diego, CA
State Street
1736 State Street
San Diego, CA
819 University Ave
San Diego, CA
Location Distance to school <.8 km? (.5 mi) <.1 km? (.6 mi) 3.8 km? (2.4 mi)
Travel time ~9 min/ walk ~7 min/ bus ~11 min/ walk ~20 min/ bus
Amenities 24-hour check-in/ controlled
access entry
Free wireless internet
Community kitchen and dining
Laundry facilities
Private room w/ bathroom
Shared room w/ bathroom
Housekeeping bi-weekly bi-weekly bi-weekly
Gym × ×
Rooms include Cable TV
Telephone - free local calls ×
Study desk & chair
Dishes & silverware
Towels & linens

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・ Curfew

Students under 18 cannot go out after 10pm in accordance with CA law. Regardless of age, students should inform host families of their expected return time in order to be considerate.

・ Drinking and smoking

By California law, drinking and smoking are only permitted for adults over the age of 21. Also, bringing alcohol to San Diego’s beaches, promenades, and parks is prohibited by law.

・ Cash vs. credit card

In America, it is often more common to pay for items by card. As such, it is suggested to keep a minimum amount of cash (<$100) in your wallet.

・ Staying in contact (phone options)

Those who stay over a month are advised to purchase a SIM card in the U.S.. Local carriers offer a variety of affordable SIM card options. If you have a mobile phone that is not SIM-free compliant, those with pocket Wi-Fi are encouraged to download social networking messaging services before traveling.

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