School Information

Building Details

Campus Campus Campus Campus
Name of School International House San Diego
Year Founded 2010 (site re-location/ re-opening August 20, 2018)
Number of Levels 6 steps
Lesson Length 50 minutes
Average Number of Students Per Class 8
Telephone +1 (619) 260-1113

School Location

Location 233 A Street, Suite 310 San Diego, CA, 92101 U.S.A
Nearest station Civic Center Trolley Station
(3 minutes on foot)

Nearby Points of Interest

Campus Campus Campus Campus

Enjoy local eats and tasty treats just blocks from our downtown school location, including the ever-trendy neighborhood of Little Italy. A short 10 minute walk from IHSD, lands you in this lively water-side area which offers a unique variety of culture, food and festivities. When you’re in the area be sure to pick up fresh produce from the local farmer’s market, indulge at one of the famed Italian eateries, bite into a mouth-watering chicken sandwich from Crack Shack or treat yourself to an authentically refreshing gelato.



Students under 18 years of age cannot go out after 22:00 in accordance with CA law. Regardless of age, students should inform host families of their expected return time in order to be considerate.

Drinking and smoking

By California law, drinking and smoking are only permitted for adults over the age of 21. Also, bringing alcohol to San Diego’s beaches, promenades, and parks is prohibited by law.

Cash vs. credit card.

In America, it is often more common to pay for items by card. As such, it is suggested to keep a minimum amount of cash (<$100) in your wallet.

Staying in contact (phone options)

Those who stay over a month are advised to purchase a SIM card in the U.S.. Local carriers offer a variety of affordable SIM card options. If you have a mobile phone that is not SIM-free compliant, those with pocket Wi-Fi are encouraged to download social networking messaging services before traveling.