Student Voices

Karin , University student (Japan)
5 Weeks/Intensive English/Homestay

My English study experience helped me progress towards my goal of working in a company overseas!

Before studying abroad, I was worried about my ability to participate in class; however, the instructor taught us we were able well, and we were able to master the skills. Thanks to that, I improved my English abilities, and my TOEIC score improved! After returning home, I have decided to pursue a job in a business where I can make use of my language skills. Also, making friends with classmates from China and Saudi Arabia was also a very valuable experience.

Kazuko , Psychiatrist (Japan)
1 Week/Intensive English/Student House

"I want to learn here again. Both the students and staff offer a wonderful experience."

I have experienced two short-term studies so far, both in San Diego. The classes were easy to understand and participate in because the peers and staff were so polite. I enjoyed a fulfilling experience without stress. I plan to study abroad in San Diego during my next long vacation.