General English

General language classes will help you to improve all of the key skills. A communicative and student-centered approach is at the heart of our teaching. General English focuses on integrating the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing with pronunciation and grammar components. The overall emphasis is on improving confidence and fluency.

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Most Popular Program

This program is recommended for:
students who want to study full-time.
students who want to take a wide variety of courses.
  • 20 lessons
    per week
  • One frame
    50 minutes

Intensive Timetable

* This program is open to students on a tourist visa and a study permit. Check here to see if you need a study permit.


This program is recommended for:
students who are unable to attend school in the morning.
students who prefer to study part-time.
  • 15lessons
    per week
  • One frame
    50 minutes

Semi-Intensive Timetable

【Course outline】

This course is ideal for students who would rather focus on their general English skills vs. listening and speaking.

Intensive Plus

This program is recommended for:
Would like to be immersed in English during their study abroad.
Want to improve their English ability for university admission.
Would like to take English qualification examinations.
  • 30 lessons
    per week
  • Student visa

Intensive-Plus Timetable

【Course outline】
  • In addition to general English lessons, students choose specified electives based on their interests and career objectives.
  • Students receive educational path guidance from knowledgeable staff.
  • For additional details please refer to "Pathway".

Number of Levels